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Home buyer tree reports for mortgage and insurance purposes

We can provide you with tree reports produced to assist potential buyers in securing mortgage approval, usually at the request of the lender.  Reports assess the condition of the trees and the likelihood that they may cause damage through direct (contact) or indirect (subsidence or heave) means.

Where damage has already occurred 3 Counties Tree Surgery are able to undertake detailed investigations to determine the cause.  In the case of subsidence this may include expert analysis by a specialist soils laboratory to assist in the process. 

Tree Condition Surveys and Reports in the interests of Risk Management

The Occupiers Liability Acts of 1957 and 1984 place a legal duty on the owners of trees, or the occupiers of land on which they sit, to maintain the trees in such a condition that they do not cause injury or damage to either persons or property, either on their land or on the land of adjacent sites. Our inspectors are experienced in the area of tree risk management and hold the current Lantra accredited professional tree inspector’s qualifications. We can provide you with an easy to understand report which makes recommendations on required works and gives you an indication on the urgency of those recommendations.  We use an easy to understand scoring system to rate the risk which will assist you in deciding in what order to prioritise works if you have more than one tree and your budget is limited.    

Tree Preservation Order and Conservation Area Advice, and Representation

Trees which are protected by a tree preservation order (TPO) or located within a designated conservation area (CA) are legally protected by the town and country planning act 1990, and the planning (listed buildings and conservation areas) act 1990 respectively. 

3 Counties Tree Surgery can provide advice on all aspects of tree protection legislation and assist in submitting applications, providing expert written supporting evidence, preparing appeals against refusals or the imposition of conditions, and written professionally worded objections to new TPO's if we believe there is a case to be answered.

Development Site Tree Surveys in Accordance with BS5837:2012 - Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition, and Construction – Recommendations

Trees are a material consideration in the planning process and the local planning authority (LPA) are therefore likely to require a minimum level of detail in accordance with the above British standard in order for your planning application to be considered as valid. This will be the case whenever trees are present on the site but is of particular relevance if the trees are protected by a TPO or are located within a designated conservation area. If you submit an application without the required detail it may result in your application being delayed or rejected outright. 3 Counties Tree Surgery can assist and guide you at all stages of the process.

Ancient and veteran tree management

Our inspections shall identify threats to veteran trees; we can also provide management plans in support of the on-going health of veteran trees.

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Tree Reports & Tree Preservation Orders